Eradicate the disability tax, before it’s too late [PODCAST]

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Eradicate the disability tax, before it’s too late [PODCAST]

“Some may say that we all come into this world with our own luck, and if we end up having to endure a disability, then other people in society should not be held financially responsible. To that I say, do we not have a moral imperative to ensure that we create a society that we would be proud to live in? Humankind has only come so far on the basis of cooperation, trust, and looking after each other. We can’t just abdicate our responsibilities in the face of selfishness, or because it feels easier. United we stand, divided we fall. I would hope that if one day you find yourself a victim of fate, someone extends a hand to you in your time of need. Because we’re all healthy—only until we’re not.”
Shreya Kumar is a medical student.
She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, “Eradicate the disability tax, before it’s too late.”
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